Energy Efficiency

The first step in creating a zero carbon footprint home or office is to construct a highly energy-efficient structure. Energy efficiency means superior indoor comfort, in both summer and winter, using less energy input. With innovative framing techniques and enhanced insulation products, energy efficient buildings can cut energy usage by 75%.

This cozy country cottage looks like a traditional wood frame home. But underneath the cedar shingle veneer is a marvel of energy efficiency.More details »

This stone-veneered country manor home also boasts energy efficient features.More details »

This Cold Spring, NY house incorporates many elements of natural conditioning and passive solar design to achieve heating, cooling, daylighting and ventilation without the use of fossil fuels.


  • The house is oriented with its long axis facing south to maximize sun exposure.
  • Windows are concentrated on the south side of the house.
  • East-west glazing is minimized to reduce summer cooling loads.
  • Wide overhangs are installed to maximize winter solar gain and minimize summer gain.